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Pre-alloyed metal powder 3000 Series

Components: Fe Cu Ni Sn
Theoretical Density: 7.98g/cm3
Sintering Temperature: 830˚C
Bending strength: 1,000MPa
Hardness: 105-110HRB
Application: Small diameter saw blades for cutting hard or medium hard granite.
Components: Fe Cu Co Sn
Theoretical Density: 7.84g/cm3
Sintering Temperature: 790˚C
Bending strength: 1,200MPa
Hardness: 105-110HRB
Application: Small or medium diameter high-grade saw blades for cutting granite. Small diameter high-grade saw blades for cutting ceramic.
Components: Fe Cu Ni Co
Theoretical Density: 8.15g/cm3
Sintering Temperature: 860˚C
Bending strength: 800MPa
Hardness: 70-75HRB
Application: Suitable for making Ni-based diamond tools. Reduces cost of production without effecting performance.
Components: Fe Cu Co
Theoretical Density: 8.60g/cm3
Sintering Temperature: 850˚C
Bending strength: 1,300MPa
Hardness: 103-108HRB
Application: Cutting performances optimised by mixing with traditional additives.

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