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Pre-alloyed metal powders

In diamond tools, the binder metal should be easy to sinter, hold diamond particles firmly and be sufficiently wear resistant to hold each diamond but soft enough to expose new diamond surfaces. Since the late 1990s pre-alloyed metal powders have obtained a significant position in the binder metal market. Being composed of alloyed metals (typically iron, copper and cobalt), these powders can be mixed with traditional additives.
To meet the diamond tool industry’s exacting requirements, SMT subcontracts production of pre-alloyed metal powder according to its own specifications. This production route gives SMT the ability to produce metal powders matching an individual tool maker’s requirements.


The photographs show raw materials arriving for SMT powder production.
Currently SMT offers pre-alloyed metal powders in 2 ranges:
1000 Series
3000 Series


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