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The industrial use of diamond links to hardness.
As the hardest known natural material, diamond polishes, cuts, or abrades any other material.

SDA particle Saw grit applications


  • Wet Circular Sawing
    • Beam cutting
    • Floor and wall Sawing
    • Joint cutting
    • Road and runway grinding
  • Dry Circular Sawing
    • Professional
    • Semi-Professional
    • DIY
  • Core Drilling
    • Wet
    • Dry
  • Wire Sawing
    • Concrete
    • Underwater oil and gas pipe
  • Surfacing
    • Grinding
    • Texturing
    • Polishing

Diamond grit used in saw blades

diamond grit

Diamond grit used in a core drill bit


Diamond grit used in grinding wheels


US Mesh and DIN grit sizes - for guidance only.

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