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DiamondEye is a new way to protect and verify diamonds and their mountings by using a DiamondEye Viewer (shown in photograph) and an iPhone or iPad app.

drilled precious semi-precious stones

DiamondEye kit

DiamondEye kit includes:

  • The DiamondEye Viewer,
  • A locator ring,
  • A pick,
  • 2 clips and
  • A cleaning cloth for the Viewer glass.
The white, translucent, round case is used as a light diffuser.

drilled precious semi-precious stones

DiamondEye kit

drilled precious semi-precious stones

Case used on an iPhone
as a light diffuser

DiamondEye in use

DiamondEye is easy to use:

  • Register your diamond in the SkyVault database using the DiamondEye App,
  • The DiamondEye Viewer uses the autofocus of the front camera, on your iPhone or iPad, to record the characteristics of the diamond.
  • Diamond characteristics are saved in the SkyVault™ database​
  • The DiamondEye algorithm, using automated processing and independent verification​​, compares and confirms the verification diamond within seconds

DiamondEye App

drilled precious semi-precious stones

DiamondEye Viewer on an iPad

Checking the prongs / mountings is a similar process. Within seconds the algorithms will check the settings and provide a condition report.

drilled precious semi-precious stones

Checking prongs / mountings

drilled precious semi-precious stones

Original condition

drilled precious semi-precious stones

Top right prong has moved

For Retailers

A builder of trust with your customers.
Show them you are checking and verifying every diamond that enters or leaves your store to prevent any errors.

A protector of your Brand's reputation.
Prevent any consumer from claiming, or even suspecting their diamond was not returned to them. Use verified technology to solidify their trust in you and your store.

A preventor of fraud for your store.
If a diamond is returned for any reason, you can verify it is the exact diamond you sold.

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